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Los Angeles, CA


I had a custom full black with black thread made, I absolutely love this product! It’s extremely well made and securely fits my iPhone, lipgloss, and credit card & id. Everyone should have at least one if these! Loved it so much that I already ordered a second one. Leatherblade has been incredibly accommodating and very communicative, they have exceeded my expectations!
— Reviewed by Julie Bruno
This is awesome... I wear it when I am traipsing around NYC. No risk of someone trying to pick-pocket me there.
— Reviewed by metaleyelash
Great item. Well made and unique. Rock on.
— Reviewed by xceilidhx
Tina and co. did an awesome job. My friend loves the calf pack, great gift. Highly recommended!
— Reviewed by Nicole Monforti
Such a great idea. I wanted to leave a picture!
— Reviewed by ihavedna